Development Plans


Development of  information technology (IT) and navigation system:

  • Build up an IT system relating to the port traffic 
  • Establishment of a complex, EU conform information and navigation system covering the whole of the port.
Development of Baja Public Port
  • Road rehabilitation development plans: building of roads and parking lot; pavement building in Baja, Gránátos street
  • Restoration of the stability of the river wall at a length of 292,5 rm, including the construction of a berth used for heavy goods loading with a load carrying capacity of 120 tons;
  • Development of the waste acceptance point („Green terminal”), construction of a 71,1 rm long vertical river wall, relocation of a floating establishment, extension of the operating port parts;
  • Reconstruction and extension of the tracks of MÁV Zrt. and the port located on the territory of the Baja Public Port Ltd. (at the ’Baja – Dunapart’ railway station), and the installation of loading equipment.

Development of the port territory,  north of the Danube bridge:
  • Develop a feasibility study with the following content: preparation of a feasibility study with the following technical contents: property ownership structure map covering the entire border area, comparison with town development plans, establishment of the area to be used for the building of a bay-terminal port and testing for its impact on the water household, draw up the port operating procedures, establish the whereabouts of existing underground infrastructure and make a detailed plan of it, the feasibility impact of moving the flood protection levee, pegging activities, design pre-requisites, preparation of preliminary plans, cost estimation, study on the environmental impact and acquisition of an environmental permit.
  • Geodesy, track, protection of dike from flood, etc.  
  • Development of a BASIN PORT 

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