Services offered by the Port


The Port of Baja is to be found on the left bank of the Danube between 1479+140 and 1480+900 km-posts.

In the near future Baja will be the most developed and most important river port of the Southern border region of the EU, its border entry point on water, service and warehousing centre of the international waterway traffic. We would like to make it attractive to international trade and transport branch by offering a unique range of services of the highest international standards.

In line with the Hungarian transport and environment protection policies, Baja Public Port is envisaged as the Southern Hungarian centre for combined transport. As a first step, a Ro-Ro terminal has already been established and further developments are planned. Strengthening communication channels and a more effective utilisation of economic means will enhance the importance of the role Baja Public Port plays in the region.


Our current services:

all kind of port and logistic services,
loading/unloading ships, barges, trains, trucks (all kid of goods, except hazardous goods),
loading/unloading special sized and weighted goods,
warehousing, storing, customs free zone,
bonded warehousing, (for bulk goods as well),
ware receipt giving
container handling, repairing and depot,
all kind of customs services, customs clearance,
transporting (road, rail, waterway, container, Ro-Ro),
packing of goods,
foreign trade,
customs entry point,
office for veterinary and plant health inspection and control,
Ro-Ro services (ramp, parking),
electricity supply,

Superstructures in the port:


623 m
River bank
313 m
River bank (vertical)
444 m
Covered, enclosed customs warehouse
9800 m2
Open-air customs storage
1500 m2
Covered open storage space
4100 m2
Covered warehousing facilities
7000 m2
Production units
2309 m2

1 db 10 to potal crane

1 db 10 to KKSZ crane

Container handling cranes
2 db 40 to
Product loading equipment
4 db, full-capacity: 800 to/hour
Cereal storage silos
45.000 to
4 db 60 to
Ro-Ro ramp

Mobile over a distance of 70 metres on water levels between 89,01 mBf and 82,17 mBf

Ancillary buildings

Offices: 2484 m2

technical maintenance: 860 m2

Parking space for trucks
Ro-Ro: 120
Other: 33

Bajai Országos Közforgalmú Kikötőműködtető Kft. | Cím: H - 6500 Baja, Szentjánosi u. 12. | Tel./Fax.:+ 36 79 422-502