GIFT-SEE (Green Intermodal Freight Transport – Zöld Intermodális Teherszállítás Projekt, SEE/C/0003/3.3/X-GIFT)


Projekt description: Baja Public Port Ltd., Rail Cargo Hungaria and Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. for the Development of the Industry participate in the GIFT project as professional project partners, beside 22 international partners. The project is realized in South East Europe programme, co-financed by the European Union and the Hungarian Republic.

The main aim of the GIFT project is to map, analyze and evaluate the status of the transport sector in the South East Europe Regions and to propose new policies and strategies in infrastructure, processes, assets, ICT, legislation, norms and harmonization/ standardization issues, in order to promote innovative green intermodal freight transport corridors.

GIFT project will drill down in three Pan-European Transport Corridors, namely IV, V and VII that cover almost the entire SEE region. In order to fulfill the initial aim, GIFT consortium will map and assess the current status in terms of transport strategy, operations and policies of the three selected Corridors. Subsequently, based on the findings of our analysis, GIFT project will synthesize concrete and pragmatic proposals for the improvement of the current transport network and for relevant policies to promote green transport in the selected corridors. In order to assess the effectiveness of the proposals, GIFT project will develop a series oftools to test their green operation. The aim will be to assess the impact of the proposed improvements and policies in terms of trip duration, cost, risk, and CO2 emissions.

Starting date of the project: 2012. 04. 24.
Finishing date of the project: 2014. 08. 15.


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Development of the Accessibility and Traffic Infrastructure of Baja Public Port – I. phase (KÖZOP-4.1.0-09-2010-0004)


Projekt description: The project is supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Cohesion Fund. Under the project, the development of traffic infrastructure of the port is realized, with renewing of IV. Károly quay and building up of a drainage system of it. As a result, 645 m road surface is renewed. Along the road to be renewed, truck parking places are developed.

  • 645 m renewed road
  • 3.115 m2 parking place
  • 849 m drain

Starting date of construction: 2011. 10. 12.
Finishing date of construction: 2012. 12. 15.
Closure date of the project: 2012. 07. 30.


Projekt bemutatása

Környezeti jelentés 2011.

Környezeti Jelentés 2013

Környezetvédelmi jelentés 2014

Development of the transport
infrastructure of the National Public Port of Baja

Project number: KÖZOP-2014-4.6.0-14-2014-0002

Kedvezményezett neve és elérhetősége:
Bajai Országos Közforgalmú Kikötőműködtető Kft.; 6500 Baja, Szentjánosi utca 12.;

Projekt description: Bajai OKK Kft. wants to ensure the quality of road accessibility of the port by developing an internal road network in the immediate vicinity of the port. The location of the road network development is the stretch of road owned by the Local Government in Gránátos utca in Baja. In addition, the purchase of a bridge scale, necessary equipment for loading, street lighting and concrete renovation in the port area are also planned. The development will increase intermodal traffic.

  • Road construction
  • Bridge scales
  • Extruded concrete
  • Lighting
  • Renovation of the fixing system of copper terminations

Aid: 59.758.073 Ft
Intensity: 84,83%
Start date of project implementation: 2015. 03. 12.
Date of physical completion of project: 2015. 06. 29.


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Projekt megvalósítása

Környezeti jelentés 2015

Development of Baja Public Port

Project number: IKOP-2.1.0-15-2016-00027

Kedvezményezett neve és elérhetősége:
Bajai Országos Közforgalmú Kikötőműködtető Kft.; 6500 Baja, Szentjánosi utca 12.;

Project description: In the frame of the planned development the following project elements will be realized: construction of quay and its connected road and parking lot; restoration of the stability of the river wall, construction of a berth used for heavy goods loading; development of the „Green Terminal”; reconstruction and extension of the railway tracks and installation of loading equipment.
The planned investment helps to level up the existing standards of the Port of Baja and helps the infrastructural development and the growth of capacity of the present port – which is also an intermodal logistics service centre. The infrastructural development of the present port was partially realized in the past years, decades, but the state of the extant infrastructure needs further developments in terms of the road, railway, waterside and also the extant public utilities. In the interest of increasing of the port’s intermodal capacity and the volume of waterborne traffic, the development of the present infrastructure is unescapable.

Technical content of development:

  • Road rehabilitation development plans;
  • Restoration of the stability of the river wall at a length of 292,5 rm, including the construction of a berth used for heavy goods loading with a load carrying capacity of 120 tons;
  • Development of the waste acceptance point („Green terminal”), construction of a 71,1 rm long vertical river wall, relocation of a floating establishment, extension of the operating port parts;
  • Reconstruction and extension of the tracks of MÁV Zrt. and the port located on the territory of the Baja Public Port Ltd. (at the ’Baja – Dunapart’ railway station), and the installation of loading equipment.
  • .

Project budget (net): 3.805.440.214 Ft
Aid: 3.614.787.660 Ft
Intensity: 94,99%

Planned date of project starting: 08.08.2017 Planned date of finishing construction: 01.07.2019

Projekt Összefoglaló 2017.02.07.

Projekt Összefoglaló 2018.06.15.

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