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XIV. Bajai Gabona Partnerség

Bácska is traditionally the center of agriculture. A suitable place for the event is Hungary's largest agricultural port, where the participants will give short, striking professional presentations about their own areas of expertise, problems, and suggestions for improvement...


A Bajai Országos Közforgalmú Kikötőműködtető Kft. szervezésében 2023. november 13-án az NKE-VTK elsőéves hallgatóinak lehetőségük nyílt arra, hogy...


A Bajai Országos Közforgalmú Kikötőműködtető Kft. 2023. november 22-én projektlátogatás keretében partneri találkozót szervezett. Az eseményen...

Hullámvasút minden szinten

A hiteles információk hiánya, az optimális időjárás és a bizonyossá lett bizonytalanság határozta meg a nemzetközi gabonafórum tematikáját....

XIII. Baja Grain Partnership Meeting

In view of the great interest, on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, we will organize the Baja Grain Partnership meeting again, this is the XIII. time...

Project opening event

Bajai Közforgalmú Kikötő fejlesztése (IKOP-2.1.0-15-2016-00027) Projektért felelős...

"Vital Defense Bastion 2022" military exercise in Baja

The forces of the Hungarian Armed Forces - mainly the soldiers and military equipment of the MH 1st Honvéd Firefighters and Warships Regiment - also took part in the...

Information about the suspension of operations of the Baja Green Port...

We would like to inform you that an investment is currently underway in the Port of Baja, a part of which is the Green Port...

XII. Baja Grain Partnership Meeting

Difficulties in agriculture, trade and logistics were the main topic this year...

Digital life belt

On August 31, 2021, the Hungarian Danube Ports Association and Ecotech Nonprofit Zft. consortium...

Transport methods:

The port of Baja was built at the intersection of three modes of transport, accessible by road, waterway and rail, and is therefore considered an intermodal logistics center.

Water transportation

The Port of Baja is a port suitable for receiving ships carrying inland goods, and has a complex range of water loading services (unloading, loading, transshipment).

Road transport

The Port of Baja is suitable for receiving all types of road vehicles and trucks, vehicles of special weight and size.

Railway transport

The Port of Baja has its own siding, so it is suitable for receiving railway cars and handling goods arriving by rail.

Ro-Ro Transport

The name Ro-Ro is an abbreviation of the term roll on - roll off, the purpose of establishing such ports is to implement combined transport, to connect road and water transport means. In the case of Ro-Ro ships, road vehicles roll into the ship's hold via ramps located at the rear or front of the ship. The Ro-Ro ship is suitable for transporting containers, swap bodies, semi-trailers, trucks by water, some Ro-Ro ships can also transport railway equipment, but the port of Baja can currently only be used by road vehicles.


Green port

Logistics services



Preparation of documents

Load in/out

Ro-Ro service

Container handling


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Public Port Of Baja

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