Development of Baja Public Port


Organization responsible for the project: Baja Public Port Ltd.

Support intensity: 94.99% 

Total cost: HUF 3,686,843,016

Activation: Baja Public Port Ltd. (transfer to the Hungarian State)

Contractor: Homlok Építő Zrt.

Development description:

The implementation of the investment contributes to increasing the existing service level of the Port of Baja to meet the needs of companies carrying out cargo loading, and the project also aims to increase the share of environmentally friendly transport by increasing the capacity of the port in terms of railways and waterways.

As a result of the implemented development, the amount of goods unloaded and loaded in the developed port is expected to increase, the amount of loaded goods may approach 700 thousand tons by 2025.

The main investment elements of the development:

IV. Construction of Károly rakpart and the road and parking lot connected to it

  • Development of the Baja Port road network, ensuring its accessibility, improving it, rebuilding and dewatering the existing road surface. Parking lots for cars and trucks have been created on the right and left sides of the road.

The unhindered traffic of incoming trucks is ensured by the planned road, which starts from the flood gate at Gránátos Street and branches off from the existing road, leaving the embankment in a gentle curve to reach the area intended for the planned truck parking lot. The design allows trucks to temporarily wait and possibly be reloaded.

            Development of Gránátos road

  • The planned pedestrian walkway will be built between IV. Károly rakpart and outer road in order to ensure two-way fast traffic with a pavement width of 3m.

Strengthen the stability of the port quay wall, building a terminal for heavy goods

  • Strengthen the stability of the port quay wall with a length of 292.5 fm, which includes the development of utilities and the construction of a terminal for up to 120 to heavy goods.

Development of the green terminal, construction of a vertical quay wall

  • Development of port service area (Green Terminal), construction of 71.1 m long vertical quay wall, relocation of floating structure, renovation of mechanical engineering and technology.

Transformation and expansion of MÁV Zrt.'s and own-purpose tracks in the Bajai OKK area In the Baja OKK area (Baja, Dunapart station), MÁV Zrt. and its own tracks will be converted, expanded and rebuilt. 1 new railway vehicle scale will also be purchased. The project is implemented within the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 programme.

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